Atlas Copco

Stationary Compressors

Our aim is to provide maximum equipment lifetime throughout providing maintenance, genuine spare parts and rental compressors. Any manufacturer can provide aftermarket accessories, that’s why we believe providing maximum availability for your compressor at minimum total operating costs, is a top priority for us at Cate

Our organization and people are committed to the maximum operational availability and efficiency of your compressed air network.

Total customer care is our goal at any level of service interaction with you; from standardized genuine parts over tailormade service plans to remote monitoring and optimization.
We want you to see Cate as a real performance partner that can contribute to the productivity of your processes. The best way of taking care of your interest is by taking the best care of your equipment.
  • Genuine parts Genuine parts
  • Upgrade your product
  • Customer support plans
  • Monitor your products
  • Save energy
  •       Air distribution
  •        We care for vacuum