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Air Dryers

Our range of air dryers protect your systems and processes in a reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective way.

·         Refrigerant air dryer

Our range of refrigerant air dryers. Increased productivity, reduced operational costs and increase system protection.

Based on direct expansion technology, our high quality FD refrigerated air dryers remove moisture from compressed air with a stable dew point as low as +3°C/+37.4°F. Water- and air-cooled versions are available.



·         Desiccant air dryer

Complete range of desiccant air dryers and rotary drum dryers for all your industrial applications. Optimal productivity, efficiency and protection.

How a desiccant air dryer works

Wet air passes directly through the desiccant medium which adsorbs the moisture. The desiccant medium has a finite capacity for adsorbing moisture before it must be dried out, or regenerated. To do this, the tower containing saturated desiccant medium is depressurized and the accumulated water is driven off.
How this happens depends on the type of desiccant dryer:

Heatless dryers use only compressed air as a purge

Blower purge dryers use a combination of air from an external blower, heat and minimal compressed air

Heat of compression dryers use the heat of the compression








Refrigerant air dryer leaflet

Desiccant air dryer leaflet