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Gas Generators ( Nitrogen & Oxygen generator)

NGP+ premium N2 generator with PSA

Our NGP+ premium nitrogen generators offer the completest scope of nitrogen supply at the highest energy efficiency. Carbon molecular sieves guarantee premium nitrogen at the highest purity levels. Why buy N2 gas when you can generate your own?

50% reduced running costs

The NGP+ nitrogen generator reduces up to 50% of the running costs compared to other nitrogen generators. Air factors of 1.8 (at 95%) up to 5.5 (at 99.999%) generate premium N2

Rely on your own N2 supply

NGP+ systems are continuously available. No need to worry about production breakdown due a shortage of N2 supply

Up to 99.999% purity

The NGP+ offers from 95 to 99.999% percent nitrogen purity to meet your quality requirements


The NGP is delivered ready-to-use when a supply of dry compressed air can be connected

Nitrogen Generator NGP+ Leaflet